Why is having your branding done professionally so important?

Why should you have your branding done professionally? Every graphic designer will tell you

it’s essential because they want your money, right? Well, I’m not a graphic designer, I’m a wedding and event florist and I’m here to tell you why having mine done by a professional branding consultant was the best thing I spent money on for my business. It wasn’t a cheap option, costing just under £1k, but it was worth every penny. There are three main reasons why:

1. It made me stand out from the crowd

I know; every graphic designer says this, but there’s standing out and there’s standing out.

My branding consultant researched what was already out there in the floristry market, the general trend of colours, styles, fonts etc that other florists were using, then steered deliberately away from that. In doing so she created a brand image for my business that made me stand out like a giraffe in a herd of sheep. Even today, five years later, people still tell me my website looks ‘different’, ‘striking’, and ‘really cool’. That’s the power of my brand. And no, she didn’t just tell me what I needed; it was a collaborative process in which she asked me detailed questions about my business and how I wanted it to make people feel and we worked on the ideas together.

2. It simplified how I present my business

Today, if you want a successful business, you need to be visible on social media. Whether it’s tweets, Pinterest boards, Instagram story, LinkedIn polls or TikTok video, you’ll be presenting

your company multiple times in multiple places. And with huge numbers of templates out there for creating slick posts, it’s tempting to use ones that look cool, but do they reflect your brand? For me, having a strong brand identity took away the decision-making on how to present my business online. Wherever I post, I just stick to my brand colours, fonts and imagery styles, knowing I’m always on-brand. People know my posts because they look like me.

3. It helped me understand my ideal client better

Branding isn’t just about a logo on a business card, a couple of fonts and a handful of colours;

a good brand identity is about who you’re selling to and how the look and feel of your business will attract that client. Don't be deceived into thinking it’s what you like; you're not buying from yourself, are you? It should reflect you, of course, but not be about you. My branding consultant/graphic designer asked me for lots of information about my ideal clients to help her decide what kind of look and style they would be attracted to. I even had to pick them out from a line-up of little cards with photos and descriptions of them. As a young, naïve start-up I hadn't really thought about who they were, but the branding process forced me to. Now I have a strong idea of who I’m selling to, those I want to attract and what they like. I can keep a mental image of them in my head whenever I present my business to the outside world. It’s made me more conscious in my decisions, more thoughtful in my processes and attracted the right kind of clients as a result. And, on a final note of sheer vanity, I love being the person associated with my brand!

Bridget Davidson Wild Rosamund – www.wildrosamund.co.uk