When is it time to rebrand?

You are thinking of rebranding your business or your brand strategy needs an overhaul? Or maybe you want to completely re-brand yourself with a new ‘face’?

But when IS it a good time to change your branding? In truth, companies should always keep a finger on the pulse of their branding as markets and people are in a constant state of change and you and your brand need to be ready to adapt and evolve!

Here are the most common reasons when branding becomes outdated and what you can do to change it without losing your customer following.

1. You want to appeal to a new target audience

All brands are designed to appeal to a specific audience and market. Their messaging and visual appearance resonates with a certain customer, which means, if you decide to change or expand the market you are targeting, your brand messaging will also have to change.

For example, if you are a photographer mainly working with individuals but you want to target more corporate customers, your brand messaging and marketing material will have to change to become attractive to those big companies. They will be looking for smart, solution-driven messaging and designs that burst with professionalism and top-notch execution.

2. You need to keep up with changing trends

Markets, technology, and trends constantly change so an old and tired logo will not attract those customers who are looking for the latest trends and products. If your branding was designed years ago, it might be seen as ‘behind the times’. And, if your branding is outdated your clients might assume that your company is too! Keep your messaging and appearance fresh and innovative.

3. You want to stand out from the crowd

In a crowded, competitive world where you are up against millions of other brands, you can’t afford not to stand out.

If your service or product isn’t unique in the market, you will have to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You might have to rethink your product positioning and a re-brand can help with that.

4. Your initial branding was done a budget

Most start-ups have a small budget, some even have no budget for branding and in the beginning you just want to get the wheels rolling. However, as your company grows, you may find that having your branding done professionally can ensure your company is in its most advantageous position and will grow the way you want it to grow.

5. Bad reputation of your brand

A bad reputation of your brand can have a negative impact on your business. If you re-brand and re-position your business it can dispel all the negative associations and restore your company’s reputation.

6. You want to attract more professional personnel

Good branding attracts good talent. The best and most well-trained professionals work for the best brands and if your brand is not attractive for the talent you are searching for, maybe a rebrand may not be such a bad decision after all.

Don’t be fooled though in thinking you can just change the name of your brand. It is much more important to improve the visual image, identity and the way you communicate your values to the world that will change the perception of your brand .

These are some of the most common reasons why a re-brand or brand re-fresh will be necessary for your business to continue to grow.

In order to re-brand your business successfully, you should always seek the help of a professional branding consultant and designer who can help you with redefining your brand strategy and the implementation process.